About Us

About Us

We are PL, Praveen and Lila, partners in life and living together all the experiences bestowed on us. Like most great stories and adventures ours began with love too. We met in India, fell in love, spent many years in Seattle, USA and now live in Berlin, Germany. Our shared interests in travel and adventure has taken us to 28 countries so far. Together we are on our journey of exploring the world, one country at a time. We are here to tell tales of how we are fulfilling a bit of our passion by extensively traveling and collecting experiences along the way.

We hope to inspire people, including us, to get outside and experiences the world. We both primarily like to hike, backpack and ski, but those activities are incidental in some ways. They are our vehicle, yours could be different. Working on this site helps us reflect on our own journey. If we can help a few other people reflect on theirs too, we’d be delighted.

What’s Minikin Escapades?

Our insurmountable love for traveling has manifested into exciting tales to be shared. This website is fed by those “mini” adventures of ours. When we travel we like to go beyond just sight seeing and engage in activities that will frame memories of the place. We have engrossed in multiple feats including skiing in Canada, bungee jumping in New Zealand, snorkeling in Hawaii, zip lining in Mexico, canyoneering in Jordan, climbing in Italy, kayaking in Norwegian fjords, hiking in Himalayas. These experiences have etched memories for us in a way that pictures or videos we bring back haven’t.

We are both nature lovers and just can’t resist the pull of a natural attraction. But that is only a small part, to us adventure means not just going to new places it is also about indulging in something more involving, bringing back experiences,  trying out new cuisines, soaking new cultures and making it an active holiday. We are always on the lookout for quirky ways to explore a place, be it city or nature.

Whether you find adventure at sea or on land, in the city or the wilderness, mountains or the desert, we hope that exploring inspires you as much as it does us.

If you share a similar passion and have any questions, ask us right away.

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