The best way to do a road trip in Scotland

Campervan road trip in Scotland

We recently were on a road trip through Scotland and it was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences we ever had. A lot of such great impression had to do with this being our first camper vanning trip. Now that we are back from this epic trip we must say it is the most unique way to see the wonders of Scotland full of glistening lakes, countless castles, raging waterfalls, towering mountains, colorful towns and the stunning coastline.

We rented our campervan from the tartan van company in Glasgow. They have a fleet of renovated vans fitted with sleek interiors. The painted Scottish plaid on all of their vans blows a new life into these timeless beauties. To lend that special personal touch each campervans had a unique name, ours was Jessie. It had a high top with a raiseable roof, a built-in kitchen including fridge and plush furnishings, ample dining and sleeping space for two. It was simplified luxury on wheels for the two of us and made for a wonderful little abode for the next 10 days. We totally loved campervanning and think it is the best way to explore Scotland and we have convincing reasons too.

Campervan road trip in Scotland

Epic camping spots

What could be better than having the freedom of choosing to spend the night in any of the impressive sights that captivates you. Scotland is permissive of wild camping and it is how one can discover Scotland’s wilderness and offbeat places. There are also many dedicated  camping sites with materialistic comfort and still in the laps of nature. On our trip we camped in some of the stunning locations; by the calm bays in Craignure, along  the beach at Loch Brittle, next to waterfalls in Skye, overlooking the turbulent sea in Oban. Epic!

Campervan road trip in Scotland

Freedom and flexibility

If you are a regular reader here on Minikin Escapades you would know of our love for adventure and the outdoors. We treasured the freedom and flexibility we had through the campervan allowing us to go about our day as we wished. We could set off on hikes any moment, take languid breaks where we pleased, go off the beaten paths, all while not having to worry about check-ins and check-outs at hotels. Having all our stuff tugged with us in the van wherever we went allowed us to be spontaneous and take advantage of whatever the day had in store for us. We cannot deny the pleasure of not having to be bound by any itinerary or have to stick to any timelines and being able to spend time at the places that resonated the most to us.


Weather proof

If there is one thing Scotland is incredibly notorious for, it is the weather. While   we cannot deny the charm of a camping and backpacking trip. Eating a freshly cooked warm meal on a cold rainy day  in the private of a table indoors was a step up compared to a soggy tent and a camping stove. We spent an entire day of strong winds and pouring rain in the company of each other reading books in the van,  and had no qualms.

Campervan road trip in Scotland

Cost and time efficient

Everything stays in the van ready for your next trip and as long as you keep everything clean there’s very little to do before you set off on your trip. Packing repacking and all the nuisances are eliminated. Its super economical if you discount the money you would have spent on hotel rooms and dining at the restaurants. Ours had a full fledged Kitchen with electric gas, fridge a wash area so cooking was fun, simple and quick. We did venture out into the eateries in Edinburgh for all the Scottish delicacies.

Rustic comfort and romantic

The one thing we really loved about the campervan trip was how it allowed us both to reconnect. Spending time together, having long conversations, making our own meals, helping each other came impulsively. Though these might look the simplest of things but they bring immense joy when done in each others’ company.

Campervan road trip in Scotland

Totally Fashionable

We got to sample a little of the raging  van life moment and doing so in our little castle on wheels was no doubt a life list item checked for us. The campervan was quite an attention stealer and had a unmatched celebrity demeanor. Random people would come to us strike conversations and would request to snap a picture of theirs with Jessie 😉 We would get acknowledging honks from fellow campers while we whizzed along the Scottish countryside.

Campervan road trip in Scotland

Trunk full of Memories

The wonders of Scotland only needed us stepping out of our assumed living room. We extended our living space outside of the campervan and set up camp chairs, lay under the warm throw. We had had memorable evenings sipping on drams and looking out for Otters along  the bay which we never sighted though, but who cares when the outdoors are so magical in themselves.

Embracing the great outdoors

If you are a regular here at Minikin Escapades, you should know how we love the outdoors to no end. We got to experience the great Scottish outdoors in relative comfort with our campervan. Days were filled with actively exploring the country’s wilderness, evenings spent relaxing by the bay, watching the sunsets and nights in the warmth of the van. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to Scotland.

Would you like to go on this epic trip? Or have you been on a roadtrip in campervan before? What did you like the most?

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