Chasing midnight sun in the arctic, Lofoten islands

Watching the midnight Sun grandeur at Gimsoy beach

The Lofoten islands in the arctic circle bear witness to the incredible phenomenon of midnight sun in the summer. There is an everlasting sunrise or sunset, however you want to put it on the northern horizon. The period lends everything in a soft glow that is nothing short of magical. Dusk blends seamlessly into dawn and you are bound to forget the limits of the usual day night life. If you want to know what are the best places to see this midnight sun glow, give our favorite picks a read.

Flakstad beach

Right off the main stretch of E10 after crossing the Ramstad beach famous for kite surfing is the Flakstad beach. This beach is a favorite among the locals and one of the most sort out. The large campground right on the beach attracts lot of RVs too. While it might not be an ideal spot to watch the midnight sun with all the crowds, it surely is one of the most easily accessible one.


Raging white waves at the Flakstad beach
Raging white waves at the Flakstad beach


This has to be our favorite beach to see the midnight sun and ranks high on convenience to get there.  The drive to this beach was equally splendid and passes through some of the stunning coastline there is in Lofoten. We camped along the Gimsoy beach and had a front row seat to watch the splendid spectacle. There is also a well served campground with great facilities if you are in a campervan.


An abandoned stone fort, great mountain vistas, a north facing beach and an excellent car camping site make this beach an excellent location to see the midnight sun. The wide beach front with white sand is great to explore in itself. Take a short walk along the coast to Unstad in the evening while the midnight sun paints everything in golden hues.

Eggum beach bathed in the golden hues

Eggum beach bathed in the golden hues


While you could drive to any of the above beaches, the allure of watching the midnight sun on a remote beach with your loved one is incomparable. Here are some of the best beaches that you could hike to and are perfectly located facing the north.

Kvalvika beach

We always fall short of words describing how stunning the Kvalvika  beach is, the white sand and azure blue waters could as well be befitting any Caribbean beach. The sharply sloping Ryten on the right tumbling down to the sea, the grassy meadow behind the beach are a camper’s dream come true. The trail to the beach starts just after the Ferdvang bridge and slowly climbs up a mountain pass. There are incredible views from the top of the pass. After a steep descent through some grassy meadows you will arrive at the lashing waves of the Kvalvika beach.

Hiking Kvalvika beach in lofoten

Bunes beach

We rented kayaks in Reine and paddled through the fjord to arrive at the trailhead for Bunes beach. It is also possible to take the ferry from Reine to the village of Vindstad. A short walk over a mountain pass and onto the other side brought us to the Bunes beach. The midnight sun was partly obstructed by the impounding summit of Helvetestind on the right but a stunning view still awaited as we hiked up the hill behind. The beach is heavily exposed and it can get quite chilly and windy often times.

Hiking the bunes beach in lofoten

Horseid beach

This long sand dune strewn beach faces the Norwegian sea and requires hiking up a  short mountain pass to the other side. The swaying tall grass on one end and the crashing sea waves on the other and the tall mountains make up for a great frame that is characteristic to the Lofoten islands. There is ample flat ground to pitch a tent and experience the magical spell of midnight sun in the summers. The easiest access to the trailhead is through a ferry from Reine to Kjerkfjord.
hiking horseid beach in lofoten island

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