Floating around at the Dead sea in style | Jordan

Its not everyday that you can muster up the courage to get into the sea without a life jacket, especially if you do not know how to swim. But at dead sea one doesn’t have to worry about perils of drowning. The waters of dead sea, six times saltier than the ocean are in full charge to keep you afloat and the luxuries at adjacent Movenpick resorts in charge to make sure you keep coming back.

The dead sea experience is perfectly complemented by staying at Movenpick that has a private access to the waters of dead sea. This resort set on the shores of Dead sea was an answer to our cravings for a day of relaxing. It maintains the rustic aesthetics with the entire property inspired by Jordanian design and visually stimulating lawns. The entire resort and its villas are themed around Jordan attractions and the thoughtfully planned fountains blend perfectly well.

We were hurdled to our room in comfortable golf carts crossing many a stone bridges. A plate of raisins and nuts waited for us in our room that was flooded with natural light. The room opened to a private balcony and great views of the dead sea. A great place to find out yourself the wonders of the dead sea, and come back to the comforts of your own private space.

We soon found ourselves clad in swim wear and staring at the dead sea and the neighboring  country of Israel in a distance. Really unsure of how the water is gonna be, I tiptoe to the ramp connecting to the sea. I hear the lifeguard “Approach the water back first. Don’t get any water on your face or eyes”. As my feet touch the pebbles below, I realize how surprisingly warm the waters were. With a lot of anxiety I lay on my back and the dead sea takes care of keeping me afloat. After a lot of time drifting as the sea dictated, I bid bye to the sea. The water was so salty that I felt like I came fresh out of a tub of oil. The skin felt eerily smooth and I proceeded to get the black clay from the shore smothered all over my body for a mud pack. Idling away for some more, I finally wash away the mud and was left with a rejuvenating feeling.

The resort doesn’t have a beach but instead a bridge connects the rocky slopes to the dead sea. So, guests are guaranteed privacy and isolation. A Infinity pool always conjures up image of chic and style and to our surprise MovenPick had two of them. Now that’s indulgence perfected. After roughing it out at the dead sea, the Zara spa is a soothing haven of luxury and is complete with all state of art treatments one can imagine.

Evening went by watching a golden sunset and the at the Al Khayyam lounge which is the place to be at the cocktail hour.  We then shifted base to the Valley Cafe as it played host to the local singers. The musical  extravaganza  was followed by an equally phenomenal dance performance. Sipping into the pipe of Sheesha and Jordanian tea we slowly slipped in to the night.


We were pampered further in the morning at Al Saraya with a scrumptious breakfast. From live counters doling out hot falafels to pancakes. It was Middle east, Europe and America all served in one plate and we couldn’t help but oblige. But we could only sample so much of what was on offer and damn it all tasted yum.

Movenpick resort was the perfect package for our dead sea adventures balanced harmoniously with exceptional splendid. We experienced the natural wonder that is dead sea and sampled a bit of heaven relaxing by the pools taking in the sunshine. 

What to Know

  • Dead sea is a short one hour drive from Amman.
  • There is a public beach at the Dead sea, but the facilities are very minimal.
  • To thoroughly experience dead sea, you should stay at one of the resorts and we highly recommend the Movenpick Resort.
  • The water of Dead sea is very salty and it is advised to keep it away from eyes and injured areas of your body, if any.
  • There is a gorge, Wadi Mujib close by and canyoneering trips can be arranged from the hotel.

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